Coloring in the Lines

Piecing Life TogetherI came across a Huffington Post piece today that says “coloring isn’t just for children,” and that it’s a stress reliever for adults too.  No kidding.  Finally, a credible voice comes on the scene…

These are just examples of adult coloring that I do for fun, stress relief, and sometimes as means for visualizing my future, or what I need even in the present.

Sometimes it’s drawing pictures from pictures, sometimes it’s coloring drawings by others in, and sometimes it’s collage.  I’ll integrate objects like plants or seeds sometimes, grass even.  Ways to integrate aspects of my consciousness into a piece I can play with in front of me.  Mandalas are also a great way to play.

And, in law school (it always comes back to that) or for people who are trained how to think and perform in extremely prescribed, linear ways, this kind of processing can provide a lot of relief.  You still get to use lines.  You can be really strict if you want about which colors to use.  You can keep your structure.  But allow some creativity to also flow through!!!!

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