To Peace and JUSTICE… intentions moving us all forward…

Today I’d like to share a message posted recently on Facebook by my friend and mentor J. Kim Wright.  Her work as a Legal Rebel, her teaching & her writing, have been major, major sources of support and inspiration for me as I’ve moved through law school.  As graduation nears, I look forward to contributingContinue reading “To Peace and JUSTICE… intentions moving us all forward…”

Creativity & Authenticity in Your Legal Career

As a final semester 3L I think about this a lot — give a listen to see if you identify with this worldview or if approaching your legal career from a more creative perspective is something you might want to give more consideration to… Please also look out for future posts on this topic, includingContinue reading “Creativity & Authenticity in Your Legal Career”

Stillness Brings Action…

I am reminded of the lesson that stillness brings action for two reasons right now. The first has to do with exams.  It has to do with allowing myself the rest I need to prepare mentally and emotionally for the roller coaster that is sitting in a windowless room for hours pouring every scrap ofContinue reading “Stillness Brings Action…”

Embodying Balance

 I was walking home from school the other day and was seized by a compulsion to duck into the local coffee shop/wine bar/book store.  As if pulled by a magnet, I beelined to the used section in the back (my favorite place, of course) and quickly came upon a beautifully illustrated book of Buddhist prayersContinue reading “Embodying Balance”

Coloring in the Lines

I came across a Huffington Post piece today that says “coloring isn’t just for children,” and that it’s a stress reliever for adults too.  No kidding.  Finally, a credible voice comes on the scene… These are just examples of adult coloring that I do for fun, stress relief, and sometimes as means for visualizing myContinue reading “Coloring in the Lines”

“Doing Battle” in a New Realm

Well, something it seemed might never happen is happening — I am embracing goddess worship as part of my practice.  No, not part of my legal practice (as I haven’t one yet), but part of my personal practice that allows me to feel as strong and capable AND beautiful and shiny as I have theContinue reading ““Doing Battle” in a New Realm”

Studio Space for Lawyers

So I’m currently listening to a panel at a symposium being hosted at my law school this weekend.  It’s the second gathering of the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law and I’m covering it for our school’s Law & Leadership Journal. The current presenters are discussing their perspectives on experiential ed from other disciplines, fromContinue reading “Studio Space for Lawyers”