HTK Services guides the strategic path and operations of organizations and their brands, encompassing both for and not-for-profit entities and activities. Working closely with executive teams, Boards of Directors and third parties, HTK’s consulting revolves around the intersection of compliance, internal governance, external affairs, and the alignment of corporate activities with social good.

The components below are all pieces of what an Integrative Framework for Cannabis companies requires. Because all organizations may need a variable amount of assistance developing or refining each component, HTK offers flexible scopes of work that address the particular needs of organizations at whatever stage of growth they are at.

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Specific deliverables that HTK can create from scratch or work with you to develop and refine include but are not limited to –

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
  • Equity & Social Impact Audits
  • Policy Documents such as Mission, Vision & Values Statements, Employee Handbooks, Holistic Legal Agreement Templates that relay clear expectations of employers and employees alike
  • License Applications  – strategy and preparation