Taking An Integrative Approach

Despite the fact that over half of the United States have legalized some form of Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp (as well as Hemp-based cannabinoids such as CBD), we still find ambiguity and lack of comprehensive regulation at the federal level. Many organizations – from private equity funds to cultivators, processors, retailers, transporters, and laboratories to research and advocacy based non-profits – find themselves in a quagmire of compliance and business related questions that cannot be answered without the help of experts who bring industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the cultural and political landscapes in which these entities operate.


What this means is that ‘corporate social responsibility’ is a term that has yet to be clearly defined in the cannabis space. Same with “equity” and “justice”. “Patients First” is also a catch phrase that begs for real definition. Frameworks exist for these in various states and municipalities. But what enables an equity venture to become successful in the cannabis space is still to be determined. Moreover, what allows a large, well-capitalized operation, brand, or holding company to establish its value in the marketplace as a good corporate citizen is also still to be determined. Being able to identify and problem-solve for compliance issues while increasing profitability and driving values-based policies within your organization and in your relationships with stakeholders is a challenging task. HTK Consulting can assist your company in blazing its trail.