IMG_1911 copyHolisticToolKit (HTK) Services, LLC is a boutique consulting firm operated by Shoshanna Silverberg. HTK offers a range of services to purpose-driven, healing-oriented clients operating in evolving regulatory spaces. 

Shoshanna brings over a decade of experience working on drug reform and related criminal justice policy issues through qualitative state-funded research as well as grassroots and legislative advocacy.  She also brings years of experience analyzing and translating cannabis issues related to privacy and discrimination for diverse audiences, from the protection of patient data to transparency in local government to employment law and discrimination in taxation. Shoshanna’s is a unique blend of industry knowledge, regulatory expertise and deep understanding of how public policy is both impacted by and can inform the evolution of an equity and justice driven marketplace. Keep reading to find out how HTK can help your organization grow and see www.silverbergesq.com to learn more about the legal services Shoshanna provides.