Peaceful Cuppa Coffee

Often called ‘the father of modern yoga,’ BKS Iyengar wrote that enjoyment comes through awareness of all of one’s senses. This quick guided meditation over a cuppa coffee will hopefully help you to experience what Iyengar was talking about.  In so doing, hopefully it will also bring you an experience of peace and quiet asContinue reading “Peaceful Cuppa Coffee”

Attention to Intention…

This video was inspired by a talk Michael Stone recently gave on mindfulness and social action (see  Especially as actors in the legal field, it’s arguable we, as lawyers and law students, have a heightened responsibility to be trained in the art of observing our own motives, and holding ourselves accountable in a loving wayContinue reading “Attention to Intention…”

Mindfulness As A Tool For Undoing Racial Bias

This past week or so has been intense.  Still feeling the aftermath of the Ferguson decision and reeling from the revelation of the Eric Garner grand jury verdict.  Still experiencing woe and frustration and even exhilaration as a student who is politically active on the issues of race and justice and democracy.  Struggling with whatContinue reading “Mindfulness As A Tool For Undoing Racial Bias”

Meditation 101

This morning I filmed my first meditation video for  Thanks for watching, and see if you can find the hilarious part towards/at the end…  Anybody catch it?  Please comment if you did!  I see my slip-up as a perfect way to show the constant level of distraction we experience, even, possibly especially, while weContinue reading “Meditation 101”