Peaceful Cuppa Coffee

Often called ‘the father of modern yoga,’ BKS Iyengar wrote that enjoyment comes through awareness of all of one’s senses. This quick guided meditation over a cuppa coffee will hopefully help you to experience what Iyengar was talking about.  In so doing, hopefully it will also bring you an experience of peace and quiet asContinue reading “Peaceful Cuppa Coffee”

The History of My Feet: Episode I

Ahhh, the (his)tory of my feet.. [Inhale] [Exhale] [Deep breaths punctuate throughout] This topic came up for a blog post when I heard something AMAZING the other day.  I was streaming a class from YogaGlo with Tara Judelle, and she said: establish relationships with each of your toes… Something clicked.  Like, locked in from theContinue reading “The History of My Feet: Episode I”