The History of My Feet: Episode I

Ahhh, the (his)tory of my feet.. [Inhale] [Exhale] [Deep breaths punctuate throughout] This topic came up for a blog post when I heard something AMAZING the other day.  I was streaming a class from YogaGlo with Tara Judelle, and she said: establish relationships with each of your toes… Something clicked.  Like, locked in from theContinue reading “The History of My Feet: Episode I”

Protecting Whose Wellbeing…

 So today was an interesting day. I attend Elon University School of Law, a recently established law school located in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Our parent organization is Elon University, a 150+ year old institution that is rare in the south.  This is due to its relatively progressive political orientation and the fact that it’s aContinue reading “Protecting Whose Wellbeing…”

Finding Alignment

So most of the way through my run yesterday I started to feel my thighs come out of alignment from my hips.  I’d noticed the increasing tightness of my hip flexors already, but because I was feeling more relaxed than I typically do when I’m running (see earlier posts!) I was able to observe whenContinue reading “Finding Alignment”

Sometimes Broken = Whole

Earlier today I wrote about how being on Spring Break helped me to realize I am sick.  All day I’ve spent accepting that I am sick, that I am going to the doctor on Wednesday morning and it is okay that I am not feeling my best. This afternoon, following a cathartic chat with myContinue reading “Sometimes Broken = Whole”

The Value of a ‘Break’

I haven’t been to the doctor yet – finally came to the realization over Spring Break that a visit is even called for..  And then there’s the trick of finding a naturopathic physician in my area.  Not to mention making sure that provider is covered by my insurance. So let’s review: (1) Yes, I’m fuckingContinue reading “The Value of a ‘Break’”

For Nick

I went to Yale for a conference on Rebellious Lawyering this past weekend. It was a blast. Lots of great conversation, a wide range of issues and approaches presented, a very intimate setting for every panel and workshop, and excellent speakers. Unfortunately my flight was severely delayed and so I missed the Healing and VicariousContinue reading “For Nick”