Dispatches from Exam Land

Income Tax.  Final Exam.  Yesterday.  9 am. Per usual, got up around 6.  Fed & walked the dog.  Meditated a bit on all the tax-related thoughts swarming my brain (exam-specific ‘monkey mind’ if you will). Packed a snack bag of bananas & peanut butter.  Water bottle.  And embarked on my half-mile journey to school, againContinue reading “Dispatches from Exam Land”

Finding Alignment

So most of the way through my run yesterday I started to feel my thighs come out of alignment from my hips.  I’d noticed the increasing tightness of my hip flexors already, but because I was feeling more relaxed than I typically do when I’m running (see earlier posts!) I was able to observe whenContinue reading “Finding Alignment”

Sometimes Broken = Whole

Earlier today I wrote about how being on Spring Break helped me to realize I am sick.  All day I’ve spent accepting that I am sick, that I am going to the doctor on Wednesday morning and it is okay that I am not feeling my best. This afternoon, following a cathartic chat with myContinue reading “Sometimes Broken = Whole”

The Value of a ‘Break’

I haven’t been to the doctor yet – finally came to the realization over Spring Break that a visit is even called for..  And then there’s the trick of finding a naturopathic physician in my area.  Not to mention making sure that provider is covered by my insurance. So let’s review: (1) Yes, I’m fuckingContinue reading “The Value of a ‘Break’”

Lost in Flight…

Enroute to a Rebellious Lawyering conference I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, I am “stranded” at the airport in my city of departure.  Technically, I am “stranded” at the airport bar.. With a book entitled Conscious Business on my lap and a Bloody Mary now in hand, I am attempting to detach from theContinue reading “Lost in Flight…”