The Couch Doctrine

Ohhhhhkay, here we go – Shamefully, it’s taken me until today (months after the story broke) to find out about Ethan Couch and the new legal precedent of ‘affluenza.’ What am I talking about? It’s the story of a teen who, intoxicated from the use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals, killed four people in an autoContinue reading “The Couch Doctrine”

Wild Law

So there’s a book called Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice.  It was written by Cormac Cullinan, a leader of the ‘Wild Law’ movement, an offshoot (forgive the eco pun) of Earth Law, an even more well-known movement advocating for the rights of Nature. Cormac’s conception of wild law is about observing and honoringContinue reading “Wild Law”

B & Benefit Corps Abound

This is a memo I wrote for my Business Associations class this semester.  We don’t cover b or benefit corps in our curriculum… I. ISSUE: Profit In Dollars For a Few Over Everything and Everyone Else    In corporation law, the conduct of corporations is governed by fiduciary duties that officers of a company oweContinue reading “B & Benefit Corps Abound”

Protecting Whose Wellbeing…

 So today was an interesting day. I attend Elon University School of Law, a recently established law school located in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Our parent organization is Elon University, a 150+ year old institution that is rare in the south.  This is due to its relatively progressive political orientation and the fact that it’s aContinue reading “Protecting Whose Wellbeing…”