‘Holistic Thinking’ in the Legislative Process

This is a column that was published in the CT Post back in 2009.  It was written by a journalist friend of mine who covered the Capitol Building, someone I had extensive chats with about issues of justice, especially for juveniles.  He came up with the idea of having a legislative office of Holistic Thinking.Continue reading “‘Holistic Thinking’ in the Legislative Process”

Mindfulness As A Tool For Undoing Racial Bias

This past week or so has been intense.  Still feeling the aftermath of the Ferguson decision and reeling from the revelation of the Eric Garner grand jury verdict.  Still experiencing woe and frustration and even exhilaration as a student who is politically active on the issues of race and justice and democracy.  Struggling with whatContinue reading “Mindfulness As A Tool For Undoing Racial Bias”

Stillness Brings Action…

I am reminded of the lesson that stillness brings action for two reasons right now. The first has to do with exams.  It has to do with allowing myself the rest I need to prepare mentally and emotionally for the roller coaster that is sitting in a windowless room for hours pouring every scrap ofContinue reading “Stillness Brings Action…”

Emo-Decision Making as a Matter of Law

One of the things we explored at Omega’s holistic divorce workshop was the impact of our emotional intensity on decision-making. It’s interesting, right?  The stereotype of a woman possessed by her emotions is that she’s hysterical, overcome by her feelings to the extent that all she can do is cry and scream and make waves.Continue reading “Emo-Decision Making as a Matter of Law”

Hitting the Omega Point

 I spent this past weekend at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  Omega is an holistic retreat center that offers workshops for folks who want to address tangible, “real world” problems in their lives by exploring their consciousness in a contemplative, healing way.  Funny enough, this weekend was the 4th of July, a holiday weContinue reading “Hitting the Omega Point”