Coloring in the Lines

I came across a Huffington Post piece today that says “coloring isn’t just for children,” and that it’s a stress reliever for adults too.  No kidding.  Finally, a credible voice comes on the scene… These are just examples of adult coloring that I do for fun, stress relief, and sometimes as means for visualizing myContinue reading “Coloring in the Lines”

Playing Characters

Had an epiphany this morning.  (Sidebar: I used to constantly have epiphanies, like, every day – is that because I was in my twenties??) Epiphany goes: Me in bed, letting sunlight stream across my face, lingering in the liminal space between starting and avoiding my day, and almost like light finding its way into aContinue reading “Playing Characters”

The Right Choice For Now

From Jacqueline, a rising 2L at NYU School of Law – see below & visit her at…   I have spent the last two days trying to decipher the lingo required to effectively comparison shop a web hosting service for my blog.  This has definitely been the most stressful part of the project so far,Continue reading “The Right Choice For Now”

Studio Space for Lawyers

So I’m currently listening to a panel at a symposium being hosted at my law school this weekend.  It’s the second gathering of the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law and I’m covering it for our school’s Law & Leadership Journal. The current presenters are discussing their perspectives on experiential ed from other disciplines, fromContinue reading “Studio Space for Lawyers”

Meditation 101

This morning I filmed my first meditation video for  Thanks for watching, and see if you can find the hilarious part towards/at the end…  Anybody catch it?  Please comment if you did!  I see my slip-up as a perfect way to show the constant level of distraction we experience, even, possibly especially, while weContinue reading “Meditation 101”

“as architect o…

“as architect of choosing… choose. to. live. awakened. entirely. wholly. wildly powerful, deeply masterful, authentically creative, thriving. this is not a hoped-for possible self. [reminder: this is an immutable Law of your being] needing not to learn the skill of being whole, the antidote is to unlearn the habit of living incompletely here’s the practice:Continue reading ““as architect o…”