For Nick

I went to Yale for a conference on Rebellious Lawyering this past weekend. It was a blast. Lots of great conversation, a wide range of issues and approaches presented, a very intimate setting for every panel and workshop, and excellent speakers. Unfortunately my flight was severely delayed and so I missed the Healing and VicariousContinue reading “For Nick”

Etymology of Leadership

Etymology of Leadership Have you ever wondered where the word leadership comes from?  The Arcade Dictionary of Word Origins explains two roots of the word lead.  One describes the metal, which “may have come ultimately from an Indo-European source meaning ‘flow’ (a reference to the metal’s low melting point)”.  The other traces lead back to “a prehistoric West and NorthContinue reading “Etymology of Leadership”

Lost in Flight…

Enroute to a Rebellious Lawyering conference I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, I am “stranded” at the airport in my city of departure.  Technically, I am “stranded” at the airport bar.. With a book entitled Conscious Business on my lap and a Bloody Mary now in hand, I am attempting to detach from theContinue reading “Lost in Flight…”

“as architect o…

“as architect of choosing… choose. to. live. awakened. entirely. wholly. wildly powerful, deeply masterful, authentically creative, thriving. this is not a hoped-for possible self. [reminder: this is an immutable Law of your being] needing not to learn the skill of being whole, the antidote is to unlearn the habit of living incompletely here’s the practice:Continue reading ““as architect o…”