Embodying Balance

 I was walking home from school the other day and was seized by a compulsion to duck into the local coffee shop/wine bar/book store.  As if pulled by a magnet, I beelined to the used section in the back (my favorite place, of course) and quickly came upon a beautifully illustrated book of Buddhist prayersContinue reading “Embodying Balance”

Coloring in the Lines

I came across a Huffington Post piece today that says “coloring isn’t just for children,” and that it’s a stress reliever for adults too.  No kidding.  Finally, a credible voice comes on the scene… These are just examples of adult coloring that I do for fun, stress relief, and sometimes as means for visualizing myContinue reading “Coloring in the Lines”

Rethinking The World’s Best Schools

What we are talking about is a revolutionary thought: that creativity and individualism and diversity of learning styles and opportunities for expression are aspects of education that can bolster students’ performance on traditional types of exams, if they are given the support for these ways of approaching their learning.