The Right Choice For Now

From Jacqueline, a rising 2L at NYU School of Law – see below & visit her at…  1528704_10151839384270872_567966168_n

I have spent the last two days trying to decipher the lingo required to effectively comparison shop a web hosting service for my blog.  This has definitely been the most stressful part of the project so far, even as I am in the midst of completing the law school writing competition.  I have hope though, as I’ve finally decided to follow what should be the guiding principle to my entire life: Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.

 My very good friend Michael told me this during a particularly challenging time in college where after a relationship-induced mental breakdown I managed to have six term papers pile up from the previous spring semester.  I had spent the entire summer feverishly researching, keeping my hands and mind busy grabbing new books, expanding the reach of knowledge I needed to consume before I could start writing.  It took Michael literally taking the books out of my hands and putting a piece of paper and pencil in front of me, reminding me again that it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to get done, and giving me an ultimatum that we weren’t leaving the library until I wrote an outline that I finally became sane again.  I was saved and that rescue occurred through a process of letting go.

For those of us faced with the innate need to consume and comprehend all possible options before taking the next step, this can be very hard to do.  As my mother says, ‘all this technology was supposed to make our lives easier but in reality it has made life so much more difficult’.  I have decided to heed her warning and not let my life, or at least my website, be ruled by the terror of nearly infinite choices.

I may not have researched every single web hosting service out there, but I have read enough articles to understand the main features I should be looking out for.  I’ve decided to use the speed and quality of feedback and communication, from the companies I reach out to, to make my final choice. After three days of research, I’ve chosen one, whether or not it is ‘the one’, I’m actually on my way to setting up my website — which is a lot further than where I was when this week started. So join me in following the mantra of the season and “Let it Go”.


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