The Value of a ‘Break’

I haven’t been to the doctor yet – finally came to the realization over Spring Break that a visit is even called for..  And then there’s the trick of finding a naturopathic physician in my area.  Not to mention making sure that provider is covered by my insurance.

So let’s review: (1) Yes, I’m fucking sick.  I’ve probably been sick for weeks and just not realized because I’ve been pushing so hard.  Pushing..  through classes, through the mundane tasks of managing a collaborative web project, through the trials and tribulations of getting myself enough work-out time let alone the dog (on feet that are also, er, sick, of pounding the pavement during runs around the city)..  and through fear.  Fear of what?  That’s probably another whole post… (2) I’m scared of going to doctors.  Yes, it’s true.  The medical establishment scares the bejesus out of me and I avoid such a confrontation with dogma whenever possible.  But it’s occurred to me since experiencing a break (“spring” break sounds even nicer, doesn’t it?) that I am not entirely well.

No wonder I haven’t run more than IMG_0356a couple of miles in several weeks. No wonder it’s hard to get a really full breath.  I have a cough.  And stuff in my nose.  And I’m tiiiired…  So where does that leave me?  Calling my local old-school health food & medicinals store (thanks, House of Health 🙂 for a recommendation on local naturopathic practitioners and now waiting to hear back for an appointment…  Sometimes a break is good, even necessary, because it gives us a chance to notice how we are and what we need in order to keep moving..  Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the vacation that healed me, it was the feeling after vacation that helped me realize I’ve got some healing to do.

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