Sometimes Broken = Whole

Earlier today I wrote about how being on Spring Break helped me to realize I am sick.  All day I’ve spent accepting that I am sick, that I am going to the doctor on Wednesday morning and it is okay that I am not feeling my best.

This afternoon, following a cathartic chat with my boyfriend about our respective futures, I abandoned my plan to work out at the gym and instead took Madame (my rescue pitt) to the woods for a run.  Not expecting much from myself, I started out and was elated to find surprisingly little stiffness in my legs and hips, and very little trouble with my breath despite having a mild cough that’s persisted for days.

8 miles later I realized that I am not only sick, I am relaxed.  It is a confusing way to feel sometimes! But despite feeling broken, maybe even because of it, I let go of the pressure I normally put on myself to perform & let my body feel how it needed to.  I didn’t try to force it or push against myself.  I opened to the idea of rest, to the concept that whatever I could do was enough, and I surprised myself  🙂

Cheers — to brokenness allowing us to sometimes anyway feel whole…  And cheers to Madame!


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