Finding Alignment

So most of the way through my run yesterday I started to feel my thighs come out of alignment from my hips.  I’d noticed the increasing tightness of my hip flexors already, but because I was feeling more relaxed than I typically do when I’m running (see earlier posts!) I was able to observe when this out-of-alignmentness began..Inner+&+Outer+Legs+-+2008

Suddenly it felt like my femur was rolling out away from my body on the left side every time I took a stride.  This is in contrast to earlier in my run when both thighs were moving outward in a more forward direction.

Being able to notice when exactly this begins to happen is big for me.  This means I can take corrective action when it begins rather than always play catch-up later once my hips and fascia lata have become sore.

To correct it, I brought my attention there, placed my hands and then fingers on the site of mis-alignment, and altered my speed.  I began to play with my range of movement…

That did not take care of the problem outright, but it did keep me from pushing through my pain to the point where future injury was being cultivated and into a place where observation and patience for myself — care — could happen.  I did not wake up feeling sore this morning, but rather, more aware…


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