Lost in Flight…

Enroute to a Rebellious Lawyering conference I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, I am “stranded” at the airport in my city of departure.  Technically, I am “stranded” at the airport bar..

With a book entitled Conscious Business on my lap and a Bloody Mary now in hand, I am attempting to detach from the frustration and sense of self-entitlement that makes me so irate in situations–moments–such as this one.

Thoughts that have entered and flitted around my mind in the last several minutes: Dammit, I’m already spending my cash on drinks and I haven’t even left Greensboro!  Relax (I tell myself), this is SPACE in your day, time to be quiet, reflect, organize, WRITE…  Dammit (again with this one), I’m hungry and everything is salt-laden and eight times too expensive!  Relax (I tell myself) (see a theme here?), this, like all other moments, like all other days, regardless of what I tell myself, is part of the process…

New thought: I am happy.  I get to attend this conference, even if I’m late.  I get to see my friend, Julia, who is graciously hosting me and being as flexible as I could ask.  I may be upset at having to spend more money on what seems superfluous or unnecessary, and yet, why shouldn’t I enjoy this time of “delay”?  Why shouldn’t I take this moment, and as many as I am able, to enjoy myself?  B.K.S. Iyengar wrote that enjoyment is actually the awareness of all of one’s senses…  That is my new focal point.  That is my new orientation.  And that is what I will bring with me to this conference on “rebellious lawyering”…

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